The perfect balance between moisturising and duration.
Your everyday essentials.
Intense colour with extra moisturising
Irresistible colours!

8,18 €

Long-lasting, intense colour, moisturising lipstick. Enriched with aloe vera, rosa mosqueta and cocoa butter.
A smooth, creamy texture providing moisturising active ingredients that protect and nourish your lips, with irresistible colours.

Colour: Nude.

Contenido: 4g.

Aloe vera: It has an extraordinary moisturising and softening capacity.
Rosehip: Active ingredient wich reganerates, softens and protects the skin from external factors.
Cocoa butter: Active ingredient conferring moisturise and nourishment for the skin. Very rich in Vitamin E, acting as an antioxidant.

Apply directly on lips, with just one stroke.

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