Camaleon Cosmetics vegan bronzers are perfect for giving the face and body a very special glow.

In oil for the body and powder for the face, they naturally intensify the skin's colour for a subtle golden finish that is perfect for a light bronzed look all year round.

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Looking to accentuate your bronzed skin?

If you're looking for products that will give your skin a light, sun-kissed glow and a slight bronzed look on your body and face, we offer two products that can be used together or separately to give your skin a subtle golden sun-kissed finish.

For the body, Glow Oil, with a dry feel but very moisturising oil, is perfect for nourishing, softening and illuminating the skin. Formulated with beta-carotene and vegetable oils of almond, sesame and argan, it will soothe your skin, leaving a very special glow thanks to its golden particles. For the face, the Sun Kissed bronzing powder, with a soft and ultra-light texture, will give you an instant bronzed face effect without being overdone.

Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin, all our bronzing products are enriched with natural active ingredients and have a soft finish that blends with your skin, leaving a very natural result every time.

They enhance your skin tone, whatever it may be, giving it a beautiful luminous tone. Both the illuminating body oil and the bronzing sun powder have small golden touches to gently illuminate your skin and face and are perfect to keep you looking radiant all year round.

Year-round bronzed effect

Get a bronzed effect all year round with our two most luminous products. Bronzing powders for the face and golden oil for the body will become your must-haves if you like your skin to have a golden glow. You can use them all year round, since they are ideal for highlighting your bronzed skin in summer and for dazzling in the colder months, as they improve skin tone and beautify the skin.

Bronzing powders are your best option for a healthy glow without having to expose yourself to the sun. The Glow Oil body oil is the perfect solution for an irresistible golden look. Two formulas enriched with natural active ingredients that will give you a bronzed tone, letting you say farewell to a pale face and body.

Don't wait any longer to get that satiny, luminous bronzed look you're after all year round without the sun, and include both bronzing powder and illuminating oil in your beauty routine. Made with active ingredients such as rosehip, aloe vera and natural oils rich in fatty acids that condition, soften and moisturise the skin.