Eye contour

The skin of the eye contour is the most fragile of the skin’s surface. The average thickness of that layer of skin is five times finer than that of the face, which itself is five times thinner than that of the body.

For this reason, it is very common for different affections to appear, such as eye bags or dark circles. MAGIC SERUM is an eye contour treatment which corrects eye bags and dark circles, providing a more youthful appearance in record time.

Clinically tested results.

The eye contour treatment that rejuvenates your look

The solution to immediately reduce eye bags.

Corrects eye bags and dark circles in seconds. The effect lasts approximately 6/8 hours.

Its results are striking and immediate.

Clinically tested.

Two cosmetic active ingredients which demonstrate the efficacy of the eye contour treatment

Argireline®, a hexapeptide developed using molecular engineering, which has revolutionised the current world of cosmetics for being an excellent anti-wrinkle ingredient which reduces expression lines and is highly effective against the formation of new wrinkles.

Silicate mineral active ingredients, known for their powerful cosmetic activity, which promote a skin-tightening effect and achieve a temporary eye bag-reducing effect, counteracting the natural ageing process. Silicates have a water-absorbing and water-capturing property, a very useful quality for correcting flaws around the eyes.

The key to magic serum eye contour treatment’s success

The key to MAGIC SERUM eye contour treatment’s success lies in two essential factors: 

The amount of product applied: The appearance of white residue indicates that the required dose has been exceeded. Too much product does not improve the results. 

How to apply the product: Once the product is applied, it is important that no gestures are made until it is absorbed. The results are visible immediately, although the ideal result occurs after a few minutes. 

Clinical studies prove its efficacy

Studies carried out by Zurko Research S.L. (panel of 20 people over 28 days) deliver the following data on the product’s efficacy:

  • 90% Immediate tightening effect
  • 80% Reduction of eye bags
  • 80% Reduction of dark circles
  • 80% Reduction of expression lines
  • 80% Reduction of swollen eyelids
  • 80% Rejuvenates the look
  • 70% Reduction of signs of fatigue