Dull skin treatment

There are many factors that contribute to dull skin, such as acne, stress, photo-ageing, lack of hydration... If the skin has lost its radiance, is dull and has an uneven texture to the touch, we must restore the skin’s barrier function. This can be achieved by including moisturising active ingredients that restore the skin’s hydrolipidic film, an extra supply of vitamins and encouraging cell renewal to help eliminate toxins and impurities.

How to apply

DAY – Antioxidant and moisturising
Use the Vitamin C Serum daily, with great antioxidant power, it stops the formation of free radicals and damage caused by UV rays. It is essential for the development and repair of tissues. Brightens, revitalises and evens the tone.

Next, apply the Hyaluronic Acid Cream that helps to regenerate, tone and reduce skin imperfections. Its main ingredient has an extraordinary ability to attract and retain water molecules. In this way, it maintains the ideal degree of moisture so that the skin remains hydrated, soft and luminous.

NIGHT – Cleanses and brightens
Apply your favourite face cream to clean and dry skin. We recommend the Hyaluronic Acid Cream, which not only deeply moisturises, but also strengthens the skin barrier while you sleep. 

Apply the Rehydrating Face Mask once a week, an intensive treatment that acts as a skin repairer, restoring the skin’s optimal hydration levels. This mask, which can be left on overnight as it does not need to be rinsed off, contains a proven active ingredient that protects and prevents dehydration and relieves the feeling of tightness. It is also enriched with shea butter and argan oil for extra nourishment so you can wake up with soft, juicy, more luminous skin.

Treatment for dull skin with no luminosity

The best treatment for dull skin is the use of masks and exfoliators that help skin renewal and support the better penetration of the active ingredients that we apply afterwards. 

Our routine should include ingredients like vitamin C, which is a nutrient-rich antioxidant with a high illuminating power, and moisturising ingredients such as hyaluronic acid that maintain the skin’s optimum moisture level.

Creams and serums for dull skin

We recommend a combination of moisturising and antioxidant face care to restore your skin’s radiance. 

It would be great to include serums and creams with specific ingredients in your facial routine to restore radiance. Specifically, our favourite active ingredients are vitamin C for its antioxidant power and hyaluronic acid for its moisturising power. We must not forget about daily facial hygiene with masks that deeply cleanse the face of dead cells, thus restoring its natural glow.

It is skin with a dull, lacklustre appearance, which can even be rough. It can be due to many factors, whether due to seasonal factors such as too much sun, periods of stress or poor diet. The result is a build-up of dead skin cells, dehydrated skin and dull skin.

To restore your skin’s radiance, it is essential to maintain good daily facial hygiene, pamper your skin with cleansing masks, nourishing and moisturising creams and a good supply of vitamin C for visibly healthier-looking skin.