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Vegan cosmetics are those whose ingredients are not of animal origin or derivatives thereof, such as honey or lanolin.

Most products from Camaleon Cosmetics are vegan and, as required by European legislation, have not been tested on animals. 

A whole philosophy of life that goes far beyond diet and seeks animal welfare and defence of animal rights.

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It is important to live by your principles. At Camaleon we want to simplify things for you, which is why all our products indicate those that are suitable for vegans, thereby encouraging a more responsible, conscientious use.

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Camaleon Cosmetics offers you a wide selection of vegan products so that you can pamper yourself in line with the way you live and think. The company is also continuing to develop those formulas that are still non-vegan and, where possible, to launch products that are vegan; remember too that all our formulas have not been and are not being tested on animals, our company fully complying with all European regulations that have long prohibited such a cruel practice.

The answer is as easy as it is complicated. You can tell if a product is vegan by looking at its list of ingredients. Admittedly, you need to know a bit about their nomenclature, some of them not being easy to recognise by their technical name. To make things a little easier, Camaleon clearly identifies our vegan products so that you can be sure at a glance that the product meets your requirements.

Although vegan cosmetics were traditionally found more exclusively in shops such as herbalists or on specialised websites, in recent years the manufacture of this type of product has become more widespread, making it easy to find vegan cosmetics and make-up alternatives in almost all sales outlets. Nowadays, brands such as Camaleon Cosmetics are increasingly adding vegan products to their catalogues and making them available to the public in shops ranging from supermarkets to chemists or parapharmacies.

They are not the same. When we talk about vegan cosmetics we are referring to the origin of the ingredients present in its formula, where none of them should be of animal origin or derivatives thereof. For a cosmetic product to be considered organic, it must contain a minimum of ingredients from organic agriculture or livestock farming and be certified by an independent body authorised to do so. Unlike vegan cosmetics, organic cosmetics may include lanolin or honey among their ingredients.

This is so in our case and it has always been like this. The term vegan cosmetics refers to the origin of a product's ingredients, regardless of whether they have been tested on animals. Even so, coherence means that these two concepts generally go hand in hand, and furthermore, European regulations have for many years prohibited animal testing on all products manufactured within its territory.