Liquid lipstick

If you're looking for a matte lipstick that stays on all day and doesn't need to be touched up, you'll find it in this range of liquid lipsticks that will become one of your favourites. With a wide variety of shades, you'll find the perfect colour to match all your looks.

A high-coverage matte finish that will stay on for up to 16 hours without reapplication.

Thanks to soybean oil and hyaluronic acid, which have moisturising and emollient properties, these lipsticks do not dry out the lips, and their texture is smooth and creamy.

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Full-coverage matte liquid lipsticks

Matte liquid lipsticks contain intense colour pigments and a liquid base that dries to form a long-lasting layer on the lips. The lipsticks are water and humidity resistant and do not smudge. This range of Camaleon permanent lipsticks are the best choice if you're looking for a matte, long-lasting, high-coverage finish on your lips. 

As long-wearing lipsticks are more difficult to remove than traditional lipsticks, we recommend an oil-based cleanser that will remove any residue that may remain on your lips.

The liquid lipstick with the most intense colours

Camaleon's liquid lipsticks come in a range of 8 intense shades, from more neutral flesh tones and pinks to more powerful colours such as browns, reds and maroons. 

Due to their matte finish, permanent liquid lipsticks tend to dry out the lips and can even crack them. In the case of Camaleon's liquid lipsticks, thanks to their formulation with soybean oil and hyaluronic acid, they won't dry out your lips, and you'll feel comfortable all day long. 

Before applying a liquid lipstick, it is important for the lips to be free of impurities and well moisturised. If the lips are dry when the product sets, they will look even drier, so it is advisable to exfoliate the lips to give them polish and even apply a moisturising balm before applying the lipstick.

There are several differences between a liquid lipstick and a conventional lipstick. 

- Durability and water resistance - liquid lipsticks dry and stay on the lips without smudging.

- The pigmentation of liquid lipsticks is usually more intense; their formula allows for a higher concentration of pigment, so coverage is greater.

- The texture is also different; a conventional lipstick generally has a creamier texture whereas liquid lipstick is much more fluid and can be applied in several layers for full and even coverage. 

Camaleon's liquid lipsticks last for 16 hours; the formula stays on the lips, withstanding rubbing and not smudging. The high pigmentation ensures that the colour remains intense all day long. 

How long the liquid lipstick lasts will also depend on what you do during the day, the humidity of the environment and even the type of food and drink you consume. Frequent rubbing with the fingers may reduce its durability.

In general, if you want your matte lipstick to last all day, apply one coat and let it dry without interference until it adheres to your lips and you notice its matte effect. To ensure durability you can also apply a primer to fix the colour and prolong the duration even more. 

Before applying a liquid lipstick it is important to prepare the lips properly to achieve the best result. 

- Before applying any lipstick, it is important to exfoliate the lips to remove dead skin and make the lips smooth and polished, so the lipstick will stay on better.

- After exfoliating, it is important to moisturise the lips to improve their texture.  You can apply a balm and let it be absorbed for a few minutes before applying the liquid lipstick.

- We suggest applying a primer to create an even surface, which will make the lipstick blend better.