Highlighter & Bronzing Powde

Two products to give your face the touch of sun that best suits it. 100% natural facial highlighters. Highlight and illuminate your skin naturally with our cream highlighter. A pearly effect, available in 3 shades! Sun-kissed bronzing powder in a unique a single tone, ultra-fine texture and soft finish.

A luminous touch is the best way to showing off a fresh and radiant face. Highlighters are being talked about a lot in the world of make-up as the key to a fresh and radiant face. It’s perfect for when your skin is looking dull. It also serves to combat the signs of stress and fatigue, or day to day, to give a radiant touch to your face.

The best cream-textured facial highlighter

Creamy highlighter with a pearl finish, excellent for highlighting the bone structure of the face and creating light points on the cheekbones, eyes and lips. Non-comedogenic (doesn’t block pores), suitable for sensitive skin, suitable for vegans, silicone-free and paraffin-free. The best, most natural low-cost highlighter.

You can achieve a perfect look with or without make-up. Three shades available: pink, pearl and bronze.

Don’t be afraid to include the cream highlighter in your daily make-up routine, as it will help you to achieve skin with a fresh and natural finish, and they are perfect for concealing a lack of sleep or tiredness.

  • Without Make-up: Apply it after your moisturising cream and you’ll achieve a natural look, adding extra light to key parts of the face. They are perfect for concealing a lack of sleep or tiredness!
  • With Make-up: The final step in your make-up routine. Complete your make-up by highlighting the areas where light naturally falls.
  • Multi-use: The three available shades make it possible to adapt the product to different skin tones. Use the entire palette to combine them and obtain results with different shades. 

It can also be used as an eye shadow or on top of your lipstick to achieve a metallic finish.

Facial highlighter with vitamin e and natural oils

Its light formula with a high percentage of natural active ingredients melts perfectly into the skin.

  • Chia oil: Thanks to its omega 3 and omega 6 content, it balances the skin barrier, hydrates and soothes irritation. Ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Marula oil: powerful antioxidant which improves skin softness and reduces redness.
  • Soya oil: rich in vitamin B which provides softness and nourishment.