Matte Lipstick

Long-lasting and intense-coloured matte lipstick. 

Soft and creamy textured matte lipsticks with extra hydration, thanks to their concentrated hydrating natural active ingredient content. Nourishment for the lips with irresistible colours.

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Matte lipsticks with a creamy texture and intense colours. Long-lasting lipsticks that don’t dry out or crack on your lips.

As well as adding colour, Basic Colourstick long-lasting matte lipsticks have hydrating and nourishing properties to care for your lips, mainly thanks to three natural active ingredients which are present in their formulation: 

  • Aloe vera: softens and remineralises, has regenerating properties.
  • Rosehip: regenerates and protects.
  • Cocoa butter: nourishes and hydrates.

It’s perfect for use on any occasion: morning, noon or night.  

Available in 4 colours, choose the colour that suits you best: nude, red, brown and aubergine. 

Basic Matte Colourstick lipsticks are the result of a formulation with a high pigment content and high concentration of emollient agents (natural active ingredients); in this way, we have achieved the perfect synergy between hydration, duration and colour. 


The Basic Colourstick matte lipstick colour range offers four easily combinable, very flattering and easy to apply shades.

Nude will give you a natural, almost make-up-free shade, to use day to day, at the gym or while shopping. Red is always a good choice; it suits both warm and cool skin tones and is a classic which always flatters.

Aubergine is a bold colour for the most fashion-forward and daring, and Earth is perfect for adding warmth to your make-up. It suits all women’s styles: classic or modern. It’s the must-have lipstick for your make-up bag.

Basic Coloursticks are the perfect option for showing off hydrated, perfectly made-up, coloured lips for longer and also, with the trendiest colours!