Nail care

Go for the healthiest manicure. 12-FREE nail polishes and treatments for that beautiful, well groomed look that won't easily wear out over time. Two treatments, one before and one after applying the colour, that protect your nails and prolong the life of your manicure; a wide range of very special colours available.

Nail care treatments

Brittle, ridged, thicker than normal or with a yellowish hue... Taking care of the health of your nails is crucial for them to look beautiful and to reflect all their vitality, whether they have a touch of shine, are full of colour or totally natural.

Nails are a real giveaway as to how we are feeling inside, often being the first signs of a lack of vitamins or calcium or even the presence of fungal infection. This is why using products that are easy on them and do not affect the important role they play in our bodies is so important.

Camaleon's top and base coat treatments are perfect because they are easy on and care for your nails thanks to their 12-FREE composition and natural active ingredients.

Hand nail products

A good manicure does not only depend on the right choice of colour. To make your nails look perfectly manicured and full of life and colour, you need to carefully combine a series of products that help you achieve the best results.

Prepare your nail by applying a smoothing base coat to conceal imperfections and even out the surface, apply the colour of your choice –you can choose from any of our 18 beautiful shades ranging from klein blue to very pearly purple– and then give it extra shine, volume and strength by applying a layer of top coat to help it last longer.