Eyeliner pencils

Discover the easiest way to highlight your eyes and add a touch of colour with the new eyeliner pencils by Camaleon Cosmetics. Intense, highly pigmented shades, enriched with natural active ingredients and very easy to apply as they glide on smoothly.

A vegan, cruelty-free eyeliner that is ophthalmologically tested. Since it isn’t waterproof, it is very easy to remove without excessive rubbing, preventing damage to the eye and any remaining traces of colour on the eyelids or lashes.

6 beautiful colours that you can vary in intensity depending on the number of strokes applied. Apply it to the lash line or waterline for the most varied looks and try different shapes and thicknesses. Have fun experimenting!

Long-lasting, resistant eyeliner pencils

The eyeliner pencils by Camaleon Cosmetics are formulated with soybean oil and castor oil, giving them a smooth and creamy texture that makes them very easy to use. Try it yourself and unleash the full potential of your gaze with more defined eyes all day thanks to the long-lasting colour.

Their high pigmentation is perfect to achieve the desired effect in a single stroke. Plus, they are very easy to touch up with a single application, at any time. Your eyes are important to us, which is why, although the Camaleon formula is long lasting, unlike waterproof eyeliner pencils, it is easy to remove meaning you don’t have to rub to remove it. 

Eyeliner pencil colour range

Choose from five elegant colours, which range from classic, infallible black to a dreamy turquoise blue. Colours that combine perfectly with any look, adding a sophisticated, natural and/or different touch, depending on what you’re looking for. 

Green, brown, black, turquoise or aubergine, the Camaleon eyeliner pencils have a deep, intense hue that makes them perfect if this is your first time using eye make-up. Easily achieve a striking result by applying colour along your eyelashes and unleash the hypnotic power of your eyes - you’re sure to be the centre of attention. 

You can use a single colour or combine two different eyeliner pencils in the same look, for example, one colour on the lash line and another on the waterline. They are also the perfect complement for your mascara, as they help to define the shape of the eye, or your favourite eye shadow, as you can boost the colour, creating a more powerful finish.