Now more than ever before, eyes have taken centre stage and eyeshadow has become one of the number-one items for creating the most interesting looks. It’s time to spend a few extra minutes on our eyes to really make them stand out for make-up with truly special results.

Smoky eyes, foxy eyes, and the new latest make-up trend: nude effect. With the Camaleon eye palette, we’ll be able to create intense and daring looks or opt for a more natural, sweet and luminous tone that is the perfect option for any moment.

Get the most flattering eyeshadow palettes on the market and highlight your eye contour with colours that offer you endless possibilities. Seven powdered duo eyeshadow palettes with a smooth texture and three different finishes: matte, iridescent and satin.

Eyeshadows with natural active ingredients

Camaleon eyeshadows, just like other beauty and make-up products, contain active ingredients that provide added care and multiple benefits.

Aloe vera: It adds moisture to the eyelid and acts as a natural barrier by retaining humidity and offering a refreshing effect.

Rosehip oil: Extracted from rosa canina seeds. Rich in fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic), which play a fundamental role in cell membrane regeneration. It has great restorative and healing power.

Duo eyeshadow palette

Seven eyeshadow palettes, each with two different tones and an intense pigmentation that intensifies with each coat. All of the colours in each palette can be used alone or combined with one another. One duo palette allows you to create natural and intense looks, and by combining different palettes you'll have instant access to infinite different designs.

Combining colours means that you can devise a range of make-up styles, from the most classic to the most ground-breaking. Use them together with other Camaleon products for the most complete make-up. Intensify your look with eyeliner and eyebrow pencils, lengthen your eyelashes with our definition and/or volume mascaras and add the finishing touch to your face with the 100% natural facial highlighter.

Matte-finish eyeshadows

With a smooth and uniform texture, Camaleon eyeshadow perfectly adheres to your eyelid. Seven palettes and three different finishes – matte, satin and iridescent – giving you the power to effortlessly create the best looks.

You choose the intensity. With just one palette you can create natural and/or intense looks by using one colour or by combining the two. Seven palettes designed for both day and night, with highly pigmented colours that add more intensity to the eye with each coat.

Silky feel and smooth texture. The eyeshadows are easy to apply and provide your eyelids with an added sensation of comfort, and thanks to their practical, convenient and compact packaging, with a built-in mirror, you can take them with you at all times and touch up your make-up whenever you need.