Cream Blush

Long-lasting cream blush which changes colour to a pink shade on contact with the skin. A soft pink colour which gives the face a radiant appearance.

The only blusher that will give you a natural shade, which will last all day.

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This long-lasting cream blusher comes in two shades: blue or black. 

Although they may fool you at a glance, upon contact with the skin, the blue blusher develops a soft pink tone and the black, a more intense pink. Camaleon Magic Blush achieves magic, and the perfect blush, thanks to the moisture level of your face. 


With this fashionable all-day blusher, you’ll achieve a natural flush, according to the moisture of your face. The best cream blusher made with ingredients that care for, hydrate and nourish your skin:

  • Avocado oil: extraordinary hydrating and softening capacity, it protects the skin against external aggressions.
  • Jojoba oil: active ingredient which hydrates and nourishes the skin, very rich in vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant.
  • Shea butter: rich in vitamin A, it regenerates, softens and revitalises.

The finish of the Magic Blush all-day blusher develops a soft pink shade in the case of the blue, and a more intense pink in the case of the black. For a light complexion, we recommend the blue colour, however for a medium/dark skin tone, we recommend the black colour. Both colours give the face a radiant look. 

The natural blusher comes in a case with a soft-touch silicone sponge, which prevents losing the product during application. Both the blusher and sponge are hypoallergenic.