Lipstick is the perfect complement to your make-up. It adds a special or natural touch to your look, depending on the occasion, your tastes and needs.

Camaleon Cosmetics has long-wear lipsticks containing natural ingredients, with a creamy texture and intense colour. Lipsticks which nourish, regenerate and protect, providing full, all-day coverage.

Our online lipstick range

Drinking, singing, laughing... you make many gestures throughout the day, and bit by bit, your lipstick wears off. Finding a lipstick that can last for hours and stay in place on your lips is finally possible, thanks to Camaleon Cosmetics’ long-lasting lipsticks. All-day lipsticks which, thanks to their natural active ingredients such as Rosehip, Aloe vera or Cocoa butter, don’t dry out or crack, and stay on your lips for up to 12 hours.

We know that long-lasting or all-day lipsticks usually tend to dry out your lips, providing a look which is far from what you want; therefore, Camaleon Cosmetics has the best long-lasting lipstick that you can find on the market: 12 hours’ duration with a perfect appearance and a creamy, moisturising texture which you’ll find irresistible.

If you want to buy an all-day lipstick which is rich in natural ingredients and cares for your lips while providing them with an intense colour, Camaleon lipsticks will become your dressing table essential.

Long-lasting lipsticks with natural active ingredients

Show off your best smile! Providing you with the perfect balance between duration and hydration is the aim of our lipsticks. A lipstick that gives you the colour and intensity that you want, which can keep up with you all day, without compromising on caring for your lips. 

The natural active ingredients in all Camaleon Cosmetics lipsticks help to care for and protect your lips in the most effective way. Aloe vera, Rosehip, Jojoba and Castor oil, Cocoa and Shea butter... proven effective active ingredients which nourish, regenerate, protect, heal and hydrate your lips. Our formulas, which are rich in these natural ingredients, also give our lipsticks that distinctive soft and creamy texture which characterises them.

Natural, formal, bold, fun... get the beauty look that you are searching for with any of our lipsticks and forget about touch-ups. We have a beautiful range of colours that go from the intense pink shade of our magic lipstick to the soft shades of the Colour Balms, not forgetting the intense and full-coverage shades of our Basic range.  

Soft, all-day, long-lasting... every one of our lipstick ranges offers you a different colour, finish and duration, because you don’t feel the same or want the same thing every day. Find the Camaleon lipstick that you need at any time!

Hydration and staying power on your lips!

Intense colour, care and staying power without drying out is now possible. Don’t compromise on a thing, because Camaleon Cosmetics has developed the perfect formula that you were looking for. Find them in pharmacies, health and beauty stores, herbal remedy stores and our online shop, and dare to buy all-day lipsticks which, as well as having the desired colour, don’t dry out or crack and will stay on your lips for hours. Hydration and all-day colour for your lips.

Its chubby format is perfect for problem-free application, allowing you to define your lips, even when you have already applied your lipstick many times, without needing an extra brush or applicator. Furthermore, it doesn’t take up much room, meaning that it can easily be kept anywhere. Its new clear high-resistance lid ensures that the lipstick is always perfectly protected and that you can readily see which colour you are carrying in your bag, easy!

Nature, and everything that it offers, are the key to developing products which provide all the care that your lips need. We have spent many years working on effective, different and innovative formulas, always taking into account the trends and latest new releases available on the market, in order to achieve the range of lipsticks that you were looking for.

Protect and emphasise the beauty of your lips wherever you may be, without neglecting their care.