Facial cleansers

Camaleon’s facial cleansers remove make-up and deep cleanse without irritating your skin. Ideal make-up removers to use individually or in combination for a perfect two-step facial cleansing routine.

Oil-based and water-based formulas that are gentle on your skin.

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Removes stubborn make-up

Camaleon’s water-based and oil-based make-up removers are the most effective for achieving cleansed and purified skin.

For stubborn make-up, a two-step facial cleansing routine is recommended. This routine consists of combining an oil-based cleanser with a water-based cleanser. The first step is to use an oil-based cleanser that will help dissolve make-up and oil from the skin. The second step is to use the water-based cleanser to leave your skin feeling fresh, soft and free of impurities, ready for your night treatment.

Moisturises and purifies the skin

A good cleanser, especially for mature skin, should never dry out the skin, but rather protect the skin barrier with active ingredients that help to keep it hydrated and balanced. Camaleon’s facial cleansers are respectful and dermatologically tested formulas that deeply cleanse all skin types.

Clean, healthy skin is skin with fewer blemishes, less redness, a smoother and more even skin tone.

The main difference is that micellar water is composed of micro-micelles, i.e., small cleansing spheres that attract dirt and oil as if they were magnets, thus removing impurities from the skin. While the cleanser works like a soap by producing lather, however, it does not contain the components a soap would contain, which would dry and deteriorate the skin.

Ideally, a facial cleanser should be used once or twice a day, as according to dermatologists and experts, more than three times would be excessive, as this could jeopardise the pH balance of our skin.

Once the skin is clean, the application of the products we are going to apply next should go from lighter to thicker. An example of a daily routine would be to apply a serum, then an eye contour and finally a moisturiser.

It depends on the formulation of both products. In the case of our micellar water, rinsing is not necessary, so we can use the facial cleanser first and then the micellar water. This may even help to promote the hydration of the skin, keeping it soft and smooth.