Step by step makeup looks perfect for you

Smoky, foxy eyes or no-makeup looks for those looking for a nude or peach natural look.

Discover the latest makeup trends with our step-by-step guide. Tricks and expert tips in a complete tutorial to achieve the makeup looks you have always dreamed of.

Camaleon products are very easy to use, perfect to get started in the makeup world. Their textures can be easily applied with a brush as well as your fingertips. A whole world of colour to let your imagination run free and to have fun trying.

Ahumado Azul

Smokey blue

Funny and surprising.

Foxy eyes marrón

Foxy eyes brown makeup

A soft look, but with a lot of personality.

Foxy eyes rosa

Foxy eyes pink makeup

The most elegant look.

Ahumado negro

Smokey black makeup

A complete smokey look.

Nude natural

Nude natural makeup

Versatile makeup for a normal day.

Euphoria melocotón

Euphoria peach makeup

The perfect makeup.