Maskné is a concept that brings together mask and acne to explain the mechanical acne produced by the rubbing of masks.

Wearing a mask increases the temperature and humidity of the area it covers, which can alter the skin barrier and cause damage to the skin, it also generates problems such as follicular occlusion, peeling, blemishes, etc., and it worsens existing problems.

It is essential to keep the skin's barrier function in good condition in order to avoid the problems that can result from the environment generated between the mask and the skin, this is why it is advisable to apply ingredients with balancing, repairing and regenerating functions.

Maskné Range

A range created to protect, restore and balance your skin flora against the damage caused by the use of a mask. 

Before the mask

BIOFILM PROTECTOR: A biofilm that creates a protective layer on the skin that prevents the chafing of the mask, with thermal water, camomile water, chia oil, almond oil and rosemary extract.

During mask use

SKIN DEFENCE MIST: A spray mist with thermal water and camomile water that is extremely useful for relieving our skin, as it reinforces the skin barrier without obstructing pores, and its active ingredients deeply moisturise, calm and ensure the skin remains purified.

After mask use

REPAIR CREAM: A nourishing cream that keeps the skin in good condition by repairing the problems caused by the friction of the mask. It reinforces the skin barrier without obstructing pores. With thermal water, betaine, camomile, chia. It also contains a prebiotic complex that regulates the skin flora. 

REHYDRATING FACIAL MASK: An ultra-moisturising mask with pine and shea butter that acts while you sleep to help restore the properties of moisturised skin. It prevents water loss, regenerates and nourishes the skin. 

OXYEN PRO: An immediate action mask that deeply cleanses the skin, eliminating toxins and leaving the skin clean, fresh and luminous. Formulated with cotton wool extract, dragon's blood and hyaluronic acid.

Prevents acne caused by masks

To prevent the appearance of maskné and to minimize its symptoms, remember to follow a few guidelines:

1. Cleanse your face daily before and after using a mask.

2. Maintain constant hydration of the area. Apply a non-greasy product before putting on the mask and one that is more nourishing, regenerating and reparative of the hydrolipidic barrier afterwards.

3. Use suitable products that balance the skin flora during the day and maintain hydration.