Fills wrinkles
Prolonged hydration
97.4% natural ingredients
Visible results in 7 days
15 ml

13,14 €

Hyaluronic acid concentrate with double anti-wrinkle action which keeps skin moisturised 24 hours a day and fills the deepest wrinkles in record time.

· Protects against pollution and oxidation
· Concentrated formula with NON-IRRITATING active ingredients
· 97.4% natural ingredients
· Fluid, light and easily-absorbed texture

Two types of hyaluronic acid:
· High molecular weight:
United molecules forming a gel structure which retains water molecules. It releases water little by little, enabling immediate and prolonged hydration.
Antioxidant action, preventing free radicals and regenerating action, accelerating the healing of scars.
· Low molecular weight: Thanks to its small size, the molecule has a strong anti-ageing effect. Easily penetrates the dermis, reducing the depth of wrinkles and preventing collagen degradation. Antioxidant and anti-pollution effect. Reduces free radicals and products generated by pollution by 30%. Immediate lifting effect visible in 1 - 6 hours. Comparable to a hyaluronic acid injection.

Lemon water:
Plant extract, used instead of ordinary water, obtained directly from lemons to strengthen the effectiveness of the active ingredients of the formula. ECOLOGICAL, certified by Ecocert.

Apply during the day and at night using light touches to the face after cleaning and drying. Thanks to its fluid texture, you only need a very small amount.
It can also be used as a serum, by applying it before your usual treatment or adding a few drops of the concentrate to the cream when you apply it.

Clinical studies demonstrate its effectiveness:
24-hour hydration*
Prevents water loss, improves elasticity and fills wrinkles.
10x Antioxidant power
Stronger than Vitamin E, protects against free radicals and damage caused by pollution.
87% Anti-wrinkle effect*
Double action: visibly reduces wrinkles and expression lines. Immediate lifting effect visible in 1 - 6 hours.

*Clinical study carried out on 23 volunteers over a period of 28 days by Zurko Research S.L.

· All skin for an extra hidratation
· Mature skin that needs to reduce the depth of wrinkles and fine lines

The condition of our skin can vary over time. Therefore, it is very important to constantly assess it and choose the right treatment. We offer you the perfect combination of concentrates for your skin type.

We must not forget that our skin can occasionally or constantly suffer from different skin conditions that we can combat. We offer the perfect treatment for each of these conditions:

For dry skin, we recommend combining it with Ultra Pure Vitamin C concentrate to strengthen its anti-wrinkle effect and restore the skin’s brightness.

We recommend applying it in dry areas or areas with surface burns to provide extra hydration and improve renewal.

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