Lip care

Beautiful, cared-for lips are the best presentation of your smile. 

You should bear in mind that lip skin is the thinnest of the face, therefore, it’s necessary to provide them with extra care so that they continue to look soft and polished.

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Often, the lips become dry and dehydrated, and all lipstick does is highlight imperfections. Therefore, we offer you lip care products: products with exclusive formulas and natural ingredients to care for your lips. 

Just as with facial skin, it’s important to have a good lip care routine to keep them looking perfect all year. Exfoliating them, moisturising them, healing them... you should pay attention to their needs at every moment to give them the best possible care. The cold and wind in winter, the extreme heat in summer, contrasting temperatures, lack of moisture, etc. are many of the external aggressions which affect the health of your lips, and suitable lip care should be an essential step of your daily care routine.

Dry, chapped lips are uncomfortable and painful. Good lip care should include a peel once or twice a week and lip treatments applied daily, which will help you to keep them looking perfect. With Camaleon Cosmetics, these lip treatments are no longer dull, so you can care for, heal and protect them, always with a hint of colour.


Your lips also show the passing of time. They crack, small lines appear, they become thinner with age... preventing their ageing is important so that they continue to look soft, plump and supple. Find the perfect ally in Camaleon Cosmetics products to combat ageing lips, thanks to their natural ingredients which help you to protect, nourish and care for them. Furthermore, our lip glosses contain hyaluronic acid (IT’S OUR NEXT LAUNCH IN OCTOBER - GLOSS WITH HYALURONIC ACID), which, as well as helping to keep your lips hydrated for longer, plumps them and prevents the appearance of those signs of ageing.

Peel, lipstick, lip gloss... we offer you specific lip care products to achieve the balance between care and colour. Healing and moisturising products for beautiful, cared-for lips. Get 100% protected lips.

The natural ingredients included in our entire lip care range make them the perfect product that your lips need. Butters such as Cocoa and Shea, which help to regenerate and nourish damaged lips; Castor and Avocado oils, which provide extra hydration; or Rosehip and Aloe vera, which revitalise the lips, are some of the active ingredients present in our products.

Furthermore, our lip care range is rich in vitamins A, E and C, thanks to its natural active ingredients. These vitamins are very important for looking after your lips and keeping them looking healthy and cared-for.

Look after and treat your lips while giving them a hint of colour, always to suit your style.


Hydration, protection, colour, shine? If you don’t know which one to choose, have them all! The incredible price of Camaleon Cosmetics products makes it very easy to try them all without affecting our bank balance. Because perfect, cared-for lips are within your reach, now more than ever.

Your daily life is ever-changing and requires specific care depending on the circumstances. Heating or air conditioning which dries you out, never-ending days which don’t allow you a minute for touch-ups, days outdoors under the intense sun... Whether you need hydration, duration or protection for your lip care, at Camaleon Cosmetics, we have a complete range of lip products, so that your lips always look perfect, beautiful and cared-for.

If outdoor sports is your thing, remember that your lips also suffer. Physical exertion makes you dehydrated, yes, even your lips! And exposure to the sun, wind and cold can also affect them. A complete lip treatment should combine nourishment, protection and hydration.

Furthermore, cared-for, protected lips also prevent annoying infections that usually appear with the cold or extreme temperatures. Our lip care range is the perfect solution that your lips need.

The key to perfect lips: keep them hydrated all day, apply moisture regularly to prevent them from suffering. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.