Reduces spots and marks
Cell regenerator peel
97.9% natural ingredients
Visible results in 7 days
15 ml

13,14 €

Glycolic Acid concentrate with a proven effect on spots, accelerating cell regeneration, reducing pigmentation and increasing collagen production in the skin.

· Concentrated formula with NON-IRRITATING active ingredients.
· Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.
· Fluid, light and easily-absorbed texture
· Easy application with dropper, before the usual treatment, day and / or night.
· 97.9% natural ingredients

Natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs):
Alpha hydroxy acids help to exfoliate the skin, removing the layer of dead cells and penetrating deeper into the dermis, promoting collagen production.
Ultra Pure Glycolic contains natural AHAs from 5 natural extracts: cranberry (lactic acid), sugar cane (glycolic acid), maple (malic acid and tartaric acid), orange and lemon (citric acid).
Their main functions are:
· Exfoliant, weakens the links between dead cells for a powerful cell renewal effect.
· Reduces sun spots thanks to its cell regeneration and de-pigmenting power. Reduces acne marks.
· Anti-ageing stops the formation of free radicals which cause the premature ageing process.

Lemon water:
Plant extract, used instead of ordinary water, obtained directly from lemons to strengthen the effectiveness of the active ingredients of the formula. ECOLOGICAL, certified by Ecocert.

Apply during the day and at night using light touches to the face after cleaning and drying. Thanks to its fluid texture, you only need a very small amount.
It can also be used as a serum, by applying it before your usual treatment or adding a few drops of the concentrate to the cream when you apply it.

24% Cell renewal
Thanks to its peeling effect, it strengthens the renewing effect in 15 days, visibly reducing spots and marks. Smooths and evens skin tone.
0% Irritation
Natural formula with a combination of natural fruit acids. NON-IRRITATING and can therefore be used everyday.
24/7 use, year round
It does not have a photosensitising effect and therefore does not produce spots and can be used all year round.

·  Until skins
·  Skins with marks and / or spots
·  All skin types as cell renewal: 2-3 times a week
·  Oily skin

The condition of our skin can vary over time. Therefore, it is very important to constantly assess it and choose the right treatment. We offer you the perfect combination of concentrates for your skin type.

We must not forget that our skin can occasionally or constantly suffer from different skin conditions that we can combat. We offer the perfect treatment for each of these conditions:

Combine with the concentrated Ultra Pure Hyaluronic treatment for a stronger anti-ageing treatment.

Combining Ultra Pure Glycolic and Ultra Pure Vitamin C is ideal for oily and acne-prone skin as it regulates excess sebum and reduces acne marks.

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